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VOLUME 15, #4 - Summer 2007
"How Great is God? Interfaith Marriage as a Model for the World"
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The Dovetail Institute is the only national independent organization offering resources on intermarriage to interfaith couples, whether they're looking for help in planning interfaith weddings, dealing with partner issues in their interfaith marriages, facing the challenges of raising an interfaith family, or coping with interfaith relationships in their extended families.

No one path is right for everyone, whether in Catholic interfaith marriages, Protestant and Jewish intermarriage, or some other interfaith marriage situation. We are here to help you make the choices that are right for you and implement them drawing on the experiences and advice of all the clergy and intermarried lay couples who contribute to our resources.

We have a journal that has been publishing articles for interfaith families since 1992; tapes and transcripts from our three past interfaith family conferences; books about interfaith relationships, beautiful ornamental certificates including interfaith ketuba and interfaith baby welcoming choices; practical advice on planning interfaith weddings; biannual national conferences touching on all aspects of interfaith relationships; information on interfaith organizations around the country; and much more. Become a member of the Dovetail Institute today to start taking advantage of all we have to offer!

Grandparents at the Wedding
By Noah Saunders
Interfaith weddings can be even more special if you provide special recognition to your grandparents in the rituals. This can make the intermarriage ceremony more unifying and memorable to everyone.

Looking Back, Moving Forward: Dovetail's First Ten Years
By Joan Hawxhurst

Her own interfaith relationship lead Dovetail founder Joan Hawxhurst to fill a gap for unaffiliated interfaith couples, and help them make their own decisions about intermarriage and raising children interfaith. 

Jewish Outreach: A New Agenda
by Egon Mayer

A renowned sociologist and author of books on intermarriage looks to the challenge of the future: ...."To build bridges rather than walls, to find new ways of inclusion...on terms that make the most sense to themselves...." 

The Big Fat Greek Wedding I Can't Have
By Yael Clark
The challenges of planning a Jewish and Greek Orthodox intermarriage; the bride's perspective on coming to terms with an interfaith future. 

The Fifth Question
by Nan Meyer

A retired journalist and author of the Inter-Faith Family Seder Book looks at Passover in her interfaith family: "So much of our religion is home-oriented. Without a young Jewish family, who would continue the traditions, make the Seder, when I got old and tired?" 

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