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Homilies for 1998

When the Good News is Bad News 
Faith Or Chance ? 
Human Freedom: Our Greatest Gift
The Harrowing of Hell
We Live in Hope
Our Breathtaking Faith
Seek First The Kingdom... 
The Conflict
Blessed Are The Poor...
The Game
Mystical Time: God's NOW
Touched By Fire: (Merton Memorial Mass)
Tradition Rediscovered


Homilies for 1999

Supreme Good: An Unwanted Presence 
Death From An Angry God?
Lazarus and the Death of the Young
Flying Blind in Total Trust
Look Up! Look Heavenward! 
The Mass IS Calvary 
Avoid Extremes: Go Gently
A Whimiscal God?
Upon This Rock 
Many are Called, Few Choose 
So Rich A Heritage
God's Delicate Providence
A Superior Metaphor Of God


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