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Homilies for 1996

The Hidden God
Engagement With Evil
In God's Eternal Now
Let Love Triumph Over Hate: (Service for Captive Algerian Monks)
The First Fruit of the Spirit
The Passing of a Beautiful Woman: (Funeral of Essie Mae Boone) 
His Ministry Continues
The Guinea Hens
God's Broken Heart and His Dream
So Little for So Much
She Would Abort It: (Mass for Respect for Life)
Bringing the Sword, Not Peace
Responsible Stewardship
The Three-Fold Tree and Our Shallow Waters 


Homilies for 1997

Christ's Splendid Dream
Christ's Food: Our Faith
Death: A Call to Faith
Our Holy Priesthood
Our Need of Mystery
The Cowboy and the Shepherd
The Glory of Our Heritage
A Priestly People
The Final Purification
Mercy Toward Our Forebearers
You Are There! 



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