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FIFA FIFA Rules (93K single source) FIFA Rules

Soccer on TV

Soccer Field Diagram
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U.S Soccer Federation U.S. Youth Soccer Assoc. Soccer Coach Mail List
Women's Soccer Women's Soccer World Soccersite
The Soccer Server The Soccer Net Soccer Times
College Soccer Weekly High School Soccer U.S. Soccer Hall of Fame
Metropolitan Washington
     Soccer Referees Assoc.
Mark Wheeler/Sam's Army
     U.S. Soccer Page
Guidelines from the National
     Athletic Trainers' Association
Lightning Facts (from WCSC) U.S. Clubs & Associations Colorado Soccer Net
Soccernet (England) Major League Soccer RETE! International Soccer
Coach Brownlee Tips Soccerdoc Coaching Internet Soccer Clinics
Soccer Patches ESPNET SportsZone Soccer Migutz' Soccer Pages
Welcome to SoccerClub! TheGameBehindTheGame USYSA-sanctioned Tournaments
Tournaments More Tournaments La Cancha World Cup 2002

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